Return Policy

Odyssey Shoes Inc. stands 100% behind the quality of its products. If there is evidence of inferior quality determined upon inspection by our Quality Assurance Department, a full (in the case of unworn) or partial (in the case of worn) credit of the price paid will be allowed by Odyssey Shoes Inc. in accordance with the following policies: If inspection reveals no legitimate reason to issue credit, we will inform you that there is “No Credit.” These shoes will be immediately destroyed unless: 1. You have specifically requested that all “no credit” shoes be returned to you. 2. You have enclosed a note with the shoes requesting the specific pairs be returned if “no credit” can be allowed.

Stock Returns
To obtain credit for the return of saleable merchandise (stock return), the Customer must promptly seek and obtain written authorization from Odyssey prior to returning any saleable merchandise to Odyssey. A 15% restocking fee will be charged for all authorized return. Odyssey Shoes Inc. will not accept any returns without prior authorization, any returns sent without return authorization will be charged a $3 per pair handling fee and returned at sender’s expense.

Return Authorization
To obtain authorization, the customer should contact Odyssey Shoes Inc. customer service. Customers should refer to their Odyssey Shoes Inc. customer number and specific order number when requesting RA. Each carton must be clearly marked with the assigned RA number. If merchandise is returned to Odyssey Shoes Inc. without authorization, goods will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense. Customers will be charged a $3.00 per pair handling fee for unauthorized returns and will be responsible for return freight charges. The cost of transportation will be the responsibility of the customer. If Odyssey Shoes Inc. issues credit, it will be posted to the customer’s account with the amount initially charged the customer for the goods (exclusive of freight), the credit will be good toward your next purchase.

Damaged Goods
Prior RA from Odyssey Shoes Inc. for damaged merchandise (worn or unworn) is required. Damaged goods should be shipped in separate cartons marked “DAMAGED” and if worn, also marked “WORN.” Odyssey Shoes Inc. Quality Assurance Department will inspect such merchandise upon receipt and determine whether such goods are of inferior quality. Damaged “Unworn.” In the case of damaged but unworn merchandise, Odyssey will credit the customer’s account with the price initially charged the customer for the merchandise (exclusive freight). Damaged “Worn.” Odyssey Shoes Inc. will credit the customer’s account a percentage (100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or 0%) of the price initially charged the customer based on the estimated normal degree of wear (exclusive of the defect) remaining in the goods when returned, as determined by Odyssey’s Return Goods Department. Customers are encouraged to keep Odyssey’s Return Goods Policy in mind when making adjustments or credits with their customers.

Goods Not Purchased From Odyssey
If any merchandise not purchased from Odyssey Shoes Inc. is shipped to Odyssey Shoes Inc., it will be returned to the vendor, and the shipping costs will be charged to the vendor’s account. All claims must be made within 7 days of purchase. A 15% restocking fee will be charged for all saleable merchandise with authorization given by Odyssey Shoes Inc.