About Us

Our Mission
Road Mate Shoes’ mission is to not throw the term “quality” around loosely. While every other company claims quality footwear, we are determined to define quality by the function and performance of our work boots. Your feet carry the weight of your body day in and day out; let our functional shoes help with every task your feet encounters.

Company Profile
Odyssey Shoes Inc. was founded in the USA in 1994 as a family owned business and to this day is still family owned and operated. Odyssey Shoes Inc. is the home and exclusive distributor of Road Mate Shoes. Here at Odyssey Shoes Inc., we strive to deliver the best quality and functional boots by sourcing the highest quality raw materials and utilizing the world’s best manufacturers to offer our customers a product that rivals the world’s best.

Our level of commitment to our customers motivates us to ensure that all of our partners adhere to the strict standards and guidelines that we set forth. Instead of cutting costs like most other companies, especially in this current economic turmoil, we continue to maintain our high level of standards with each material component of our shoes. We also continue to invest in our company, updating and improving our products to provide the best quality product to our customers. In the end, our customers matter the most to us.

Our approach to our trade is to fuse art, craftsmanship, design, function, and durability with an intense labor of love to allow our customers to take with them a piece of who we are with every step they take. Our products are an extension of our company and what we represent and we encourage you to take us along for your next endeavor.

Odyssey Shoes only utilizes manufacturers who are SATRA certified. All products are quality tested at each stage, from raw materials to the end product.