We use full waterproof booties tested to withstand 25,000 to 50,000 flexes while submerged in water (ISO 9001 Certified) in addition to water repellent uppers.

Metatarsal Guard

Our metatarsal boots protect the upper boot and toe area from hazards. This technology offers invaluable safety without having to compromise comfort.

Slip and Oil Resistant Outsole

The slip resistant sole is lab tested and work proven. Anti slip shoes will reduce the chance of slips and falls while wearing these shoes.

Electric Shock Resistant

Designed to protect the wearer from open electrical circuits of 18,000 volts or less with 1.0mA permissable leakage under dry conditions.

Corrosion Resistant Steel Toes

Independently tested and certified to meet the highest classifications for impact and compression.

Removable Gel In-sole

Provides exceptional comfort by absorbing impacts, breathes to keep you dry and cool, while lightweight and flexible.

Technology At Work

Over fifty years of constant research and development enable us to provide our customers with first-class quality products. Unlike the old fashion way of taking a Texon® board (thick paper board) and cementing (glue) a cloth welt around it, our new patented technology utilizes soft transparent PVC compound injected into a mold that's in the shape of the insole.

This process completely eliminates the use of Texon® board and cloth welt. There are three bridges on this injected insole. They give the foot more support as we move. To protect our feet from injury, these bridges transfer shock and vibration from the center, through the welt, then to the outsole and to the ground.

Shoe Construction

  • High Density Foam
    provides soft support and durability
  • Anti Rust Eyelets
    and speed hooks
  • Thermo Plastic Toe Box
    provides exceptional toe protection without the weight
  • Distressed Genuine Leather Upper
    finest in its class, providing better fit over the life of the boot
  • Original American Welt Construction
    the strongest type of construction available with genuine treated cotton twine
  • Textile Lining
    absorbs foot perspiration to combat foot odor and mildrew while letting air in and moisture out