J. Macias from West Sacramento, California

My life has been an unpredictable journey. And its nice to have something to depend on , my roadmate work boots. They have been a big part of my bread and butter! – J. Macias from West Sacramento, CA

Posted at 9:22am on July 11, 2014

B. Perez from La Puente, California

I wore my Roadmate Solum 5” Waterproof Hiker boots to my first hiking experience in Sierra Madre, CA. Hiking to Sturtevant Falls was a great experience and wearing my Roadmate Solum Boots made it even more enjoyable for me. These boots have an unbeatable combination feel of comfort, support and waterproofing. The Solum is a very sturdy boot and I would recommend these boots for travel and everyday wear as well as for day hikes. Thank you Roadmate!

Posted at 12:02pm on March 4, 2013

M. Cruz from Corona, California

I wanted to thank you for the boots. I have been wearing safety shoes at work for more than 20 years. I’ve tried different brands and styles. Since my feet are wide it is hard for me to find the perfect pair. Roadmate’s Wyoming 6″ Hiker Boot fits very comfortable and the quality is very well made. The first time I tried on these boots I knew it was the perfect pair for me. Thank you once again.

Posted at 12:24pm on November 26, 2012

Larry Erickson from Albuquerque, New Mexico

I wore my new 403 4” Oxford boots today and can’t say enough about these shoes!  I was initially excited by the look..their classic style, the detailed stiching and the Honey color but was won over entirely when they were as comfortable after 8 hours of wearing them as when I first put them on. They needed no breaking in and were true to size, accomodating both regular socks and even heavy wool socks. Even though they felt a little heavy when I took them out of the box-no doubt due to the quality construction-I was delighted to find that they were light and comfortable even after a full day of wearing them. The sole was extremely flexible and the inside gave my heel great support! The heavy laces and metal reinforced lace eyelets just added to the amazing quality of this shoe.  I wanted them for casual rather than work and was glad there was a non-steel toe option. I have bought many shoes and boots but this shoe is without a doubt one of the best buys I ever made. Though they are work boots, I plan on wearing them for causal as well as when I’m doing chores becasue they look great with jeans and cargo pants, but I also will be using them for hiking-they are that rugged and that comfortable!! Over all, one of the best shoes I have ever worn!. I think I see a black pair in my future! My hats off to you on a superior, stylish, quality piece of footwear!!!

Posted at 12:49pm on November 19, 2012

Officer D. Fong from United States Coast Guard

These are the best boot that I have ever owned, They are far better than Danner, Matterhorn, Bates, Magnum,Etc,etc,etc. I am waiting for their waterproof ones to come out! Thanks Roadmate Shoes. – Officer D. Fong

Posted at 4:13pm on September 13, 2012

Ray from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department

The first thing that I noticed about the boots were how comfortable they were.  They are light weight and have good padding that hugs the feet.  I was able to wear them all day without any pain or discomfort.  I was very impressed by the comfort.  They felt a lot better than my $200+ Danners. – Ray

Posted at 5:12pm on March 30, 2012

Loren from Bakersfield, CA

Posted at 11:54am on January 23, 2012

Derek from New Zealand

Here are some shots of my road mates that I have been wearing on almost a daily basis for the past seven years. I love them and I will never wear any others. Thanks very very much for sending me some all the way to New Zealand – Derek

Posted at 9:29pm on January 21, 2012